My Yellow Iris Sketch . . .

Initial Sketch

Initial Sketch

Here’s the beginning of my journey to draw my live Iris.  A pretty, buttercup yellow Iris.  Just hope that I can do it justice!

A little more detail added

A little more detail added

I began adding a little more detail.

Another day, another leaf

Earlier in the day we began drawing Tulips.  For some reason I was drawn to the stem and leaves so I focused on that.  The bloom of the tulip bent off to the left, off the page.

More Shading Practice

More Shading Practice on my tulip leaves.

Sketch adjustment to show dropping of petal overnight

Day 2 of Class and time to return to the Iris.  Kind of a major change from my original sketch.  The lower petal decided to drop so instead of starting over I made the adjustment.  I kind of like the new look – it adds character don’t you think?

Detail Added on Day 2

Detail Added on Day 2

Beginning to add a little more detail. I know the Iris will slowly fade so I’m trying to capture noticeable details.

Final Sketch onto Bristol

Final Sketch

I make my last sketch on Bristol paper using my tracing and a light box.

Tracing Paper over Bristol and practicing shading one more timeTracing Paper over Bristol and practicing shading one more time

 I don’t want any smudges or erasure marks.  Maybe  I’ll just finish on the tracing paper and call it quits!  

These photos were taken to keep the appearance of my Iris as I remember it. The photos were taken in B/W to allow me see the detail in the specimen – every line, every curve, every shadow, every highlight so that I could continue my drawing long after my Iris faded in beauty.

The stem of my Iris

The stem of my Iris

My Iris

My Iris

I can look at these photos, together with my first sketches and remember how it looked, just like it was yesterday.  Now, all I have to do is finish it . . . someday . . . hopefully soon.  I guess I kinda have to if I want to graduate!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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I love to draw. I love a good quote. I love science, literature and the arts. I started this blog to share some of my art and what I am learning instead of just keeping it in a folder all to myself. I'm hoping to get better with each new drawing, with each new technique I learn but mostly I'm hoping to just have fun!

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