About Me And My Art . . .

MeI’ve been a self-taught artist and illustrator since my early childhood.  Amazing what coloring books and crayons can inspire!

You won’t find any of my work in any books or on any famous websites, as I have yet to be published.  Wait, does illustrating a  story that my son wrote in college to present to 1st graders count?  After all, he did have to give it to his instructor (that’s close to being an editor), he received an “A” and she loved my drawings (I think that counts as acceptance)  and he had it bound (published) for me  (in a 1″ 3-ring binder).   I’ll count it!

I draw primarily for my pleasure and for that of family and friends.  I’ve always  been too scared to share my art anywhere for others to see, never believing I had any real talent to show to the world.  But you can’t get discovered that way, so I decided, with a lot of prodding from family and friends, to create a website, get my work online and see what happens. So here goes.

My first love is working in graphite drawing portraiture and botanical art and science, but I also like rendering in colored pencil,  and pen & ink, and pastels with a little dabbling in alcohol inks and watercolor.

If you like my work  please let me know and if you don’t, well you can tell me that also, but please make your criticism constructive so we can all benefit from it.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look.  Maybe you’ll even find something you like.  

I look forward to my new journey so come along with me, I so hate traveling alone!


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